July 2, 2015

We specialize in Energy Jobs

Rockwood Energy Search performs customized recruiting to fill  jobs at firms that sell

fuel and energy management services to select sectors of the downstream energy markets.

We specialize in Energy Companies

Retail energy

  •   Natural Gas/Electricity Marketers
  •   Propane & Heating Oil Dealers
  •   Energy Management Service Providers
  •   Business Automation Controls Providers
  •   Lighting Controls Manufacturers and Distributors
  •  Residential Solar
  •   Commercial-Scale Solar
  •   Direct Generation Products & Services
  •   Electric and Gas Utilities

Wholesale Power

  • Utilities
  • Merchant Power Companies
  • Power Development Entities
  • Utility-Scale Solar firms

Energy Technology Firms

In addition, we work with technology firms that support and supplement services to these two sectors.

We operate on both a contingency and retained search basis in the US and Canada. Our most junior placements are for candidates with 1-2 years experience making base salaries of $50-60K; our senior placements are at the senior-vice-president level where base compensation is $200-$300K.

Go to the Markets Served heading of this site to find the types of jobs we fill.

Customized Energy Recruiting

Our firm provides customized recruiting solutions for firms in the energy business.

If your goal is to improve sales margins, we have a solution.
If your goal is to match a person to your culture, we have a solution.
If you want someone who’s not a job-hopper, we have a solution.
If you want a sales rep to find new name accounts, we have a solution.

We are able to do this because of our staff’s experience, and the hundreds of searches we’ve conducted over the years for hundreds of companies.  We’ve perfected the recruiting process for select segments of the energy world.

Give us your goals, we’ll propose a solution–at no cost.

How Do We Do This?

 We keep track of 2,000 firms in our target industries.  We are no more than 2 degrees of separation from thousands of candidates.

Our staff, whose background includes energy, software, sales/marketing, human resources, works at this every day.  The least experience they have individually is 8 years in our field.

You Really Should Hire The Best

We know that the person our clients would like to have on board, the winner, the high achiever–isn’t reading ads, isn’t posting his/her resume on every website.  But these people, if approached by a trained professional team like ours, are available.


Energy companies find:

  •    We can help them refine their recruiting targets to lower total compensation

  •    Our standards of recruiting mean that they see only qualified candidates

  •    We can match client culture with people from similar corporate cultures

      Energy Candidates find:

  •   We take the long view and help people find their best career moves

  •   We know how best to present them to the right opportunities

  •   We can help them maximize their long-term career potential

  •   We can help them understand the turbulent energy job markets